Take a close look at the image to the right, it is a screenshot of the Art as Authority arts blog.   You will notice I've circled three letters - RSS - in yellow.  All the technical gibberish aside, this means you can subscribe to the blog's content by receiving an announcement or RSS feed, directly into your email box, each and every time a new blog post is published.  This includes Doug Simay’s Best Picks.   

If you click on the word "Atom" located just above the RSS, this will also provide you with another alternative way of subscribing to the blog via the RSS feed.  All these links can be found in the left column of the blog's home page www.artasauthority.com

The advantage of subscribing to the blog is twofold: one, you don't miss a thing and two, you get the actual content when its posted.  Give it a try, you can always opt-out if you don't like it.  Any questions or problems, please contact artasauthority@artasauthority.com for assistance