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Art-life during Stay at Home:

Travel and looking at art are two things that make life worthwhile.  Unfortunately the last time I traveled was in
January (Myanmar) and the last time I looked at art in the flesh was in the second week in March (Palm
Springs Museum).
Looking at art online does not work for me.  A really “flat” painter like Gauguin can be experienced on the
computer screen.  But, most art, even paintings, have dimension to them and oodles of nuance can be found
observing the record of the creator’s hand.
I started collecting art when I was 28 years old.  I have collected a lot of art over the last 42 years.  I live
actively with my collection – rotating works within my domicile.  Changing the juxtaposition of various artworks
gives me refreshed opportunity to observe and interpret.
I am posting some images from my dwelling – documenting how I live with art.  
This is a corner of my bedroom.  Next to the door is an Uta Barth (1995).  Within the art
storage area hangs Dan McCleary (1997); on the floor a Jeff Irwin ceramic sculpture (1996).  
The pear drawing is by Martha Alf (1977) and below it a drawing by Astrid Preston (1985).  To
their right is a photograph by Richard Misrach (1984) above a Peter Zokosky self portrait
(2000).  Over the bed is a very large drawing by Larry Grey (1981).
Here is a different angle on the head of the bed…
Entering the library and my dressing room is a big feast for the eyes.  A large Victor
Henderson self-portrait encaustic (1980) immediately captures attention.  This is one of only
four pieces hanging in my home that does not move (it is too fragile).  Not really visible in this
image is an Italo Scanga floor sculpture (1984).  On the shelf are a Colleen Sterritt (1983)
sculpture and next to it one by Chris Lee (1987).  Above them is a John Divola “Isolated
House” (1995).
Kitty-corner from the above view are a Flavia Gilmore sculpture (1991), above a Michael
Farber assemblage (1983), and James Fee photograph 1998).
Below the Fee is a sculpture by Kim Abeles (1987).  On the bookcase to the right are
a Matt Morris (1997) and on the shelf below two Wes Christensen paintings (1983,
1980) flank an Anthony Mitri (1997) painting.
At yet another corner are a John Sonsini painting (2000) above a
Holly Roberts painting (1989).  The sculpture to the right is by Jay
Johnson (1997).  The floor sculpture is by Italo’s son in law, Ben
Anderson (2000).
Just off the kitchen are three pieces.  Diane Gamboa (1987) hangs above a Peter Zokosky
(1992).  To the right is a Roger Vail (1996).
Flanking the side door that enters the living room are Astrid Preston (1983) just above and to
the left of Satoru Yoshioka (1997).  A large Jeff Irwin (1995) sculpture is on the floor before a
woodblock print by Roger Herman (1984).

The above images of
32 hanging artworks are part of the over 100 pieces currently hanging
in my home.  In art storage there are several hundreds more artworks.  Every quarter I rotate
some works in and out of active view.  This keeps my visual environment stimulating and
allows me to further plumb my responses to works by virtue of differing juxtapositions.

After all these years, living with art continues to embellish my understanding and love for the
visual arts.

Until our lives can regain some normalcy…
Stay safe,
Doug Simay      June 2020
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